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California White Collar Crime Defense Attorney

“White collar” is a term used to describe a group of non-violent crimes that are typically committed by employees whose jobs give them access to equipment or sensitive information. These cases tend to be very complicated.

As a Fullerton, California-based attorney I, David Borsari, have more than 20 years of experience in white collar crime defense law. I defend people throughout the Los Angeles metro and Inland Empire against white collar crime charges. I am determined and committed to fining you the best outcome possible in your case.

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Under Investigation For A White Collar Crime?

In some cases, you may know before you are charged with a crime that you are being investigated by your employer or law enforcement. If this is the case contact me, attorney David Borsari immediately. I may be able to work with the concerned parties to resolve any misunderstandings or negotiate an agreement on your behalf.

Whether you are under investigation for a white collar crime, or you have already been charged, it is important to talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. I defend clients facing the following charges:

Theft Of Property

One of the more common white collar crimes is theft of property. In some cases, people charged with property theft are not even aware that it is a crime because they feel no one is really being hurt. Nevertheless, theft of property is a crime and you need a lawyer to help minimize the damage to your record, career and future.

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There is a lot at stake if you are charged with a white-collar crime. Beyond the criminal charges you may be facing, your job, your relationships with your coworkers, and much more could be seriously and negatively affected.

Contact me, defense attorney David Borsari today to discuss your legal issue. I provide personalized service to every client I serve. Unlike large firms who shift clients from attorney to attorney, I will be there with you until your case reaches its conclusion. Call 714-606-2446 or e-mail me to schedule a confidential appointment.