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The Assistance You Need In Child Abuse Charges

If you have been charged with child abuse or neglect, it is important to take legal action as quickly as possible. The state of California takes these charges very seriously, and if convicted, you may be facing severe penalties.

I defend people who have been charged with child abuse, neglect, or domestic violence. Whether you are innocent or guilty of child abuse or neglect, you should take immediate steps to protect your future and your reputation.

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Understand Your Charges

The crime of child abuse often occurs in a familial setting, but any individual who has contact with a child could potentially find him or herself facing charges:

  • Day care providers
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Health care providers

In any child abuse defense case, it is important to fully investigate and understand the charges. It doesn’t take a violent beating to qualify as child abuse. Charges of child neglect can be subjective or misunderstood. As your personal attorney I can help you make sense of the charges you are facing and explain your legal options. Additionally, if you have been falsely accused of child abuse, he will help you understand your options and the best way to proceed.

Has Child Protective Services Contacted You?

The California Child Protective Services may begin an investigation after child abuse or neglect has been alleged. If you have been contacted by Child Protective Services, it is important to speak to an attorney as soon as possible. After they begin investigating your case, they may decide it is in the child’s best interests to be taken away from you. Do not allow this to happen without exploring your legal options. I will explore ways to keep your family intact and relationship fostering for your child.

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