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Proactive Protection In Warrants Cases

There are two types of warrants issued in California: bench warrants and arrest warrants. A bench warrant is issued when a person fails to appear in court on a scheduled date. An arrest warrant is issued when an investigation by law enforcement has indicated that a person has committed a crime and should be charged in the case.

Having either type of warrant issued in your name can get you taken into custody by law enforcement. As your criminal defense attorney I will work on your behalf to have a bench warrant recalled and seek to keep you out of jail. With over 20 years of experience helping clients resolve issues involving warrants, I understand the process and your options.

Proactively Protecting Your Rights

Working together to resolve your warrant issue, I will take immediate action to have your warrant recalled. This can involve making a court appearance on your behalf or working with the court to set a new date.

If recalling the warrant is not an option, I will make arrangements for you to surrender to the court and help you arrange to post bail so you don’t have to spend the night in jail. If you know you have a warrant out for your arrest, contact me, experienced California defense attorney Borsari immediately.

I Offer A Free Consultation

Not sure what your next step is? Call me today to discuss your bench and arrest warrant questions. I provide personalized service and will handle all aspects of your case myself. You can reach me direct at 714-606-2446 or send me an email to schedule an appointment.