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The Benefits Of Expungement

If you have been convicted of a crime, and successfully completed probation; you may be able to have the crime expunged from your record. An expungement in California state court generally refers to the process of withdrawing a guilty plea or verdict and then having the case dismissed. This criminal record clearing removes the crime from your record and permits you to deny having been convicted of a crime in most all circumstances.

Expungement cases can be complex. Contact a lawyer who has experience with them. An attorney will file the motion and represent you in a hearing with the court where you were convicted of the crime. Based in Fullerton, California, I, defense attorney David Borsari, have been helping people clean up their criminal records for two decades.

Put Your Life Back Together

Many people don’t even know that they have the option of having their records cleaned up. There are clearly some advantages to doing so. Perhaps most importantly, you get to answer “no” on job applications, and anywhere else the issue may arise, to questions about whether you have been convicted of a crime.

In addition, I have helped a number of clients with early termination of probation. If you have served a substantial portion of your probation term and successfully completed all of the requirements of your probation, you may be eligible to apply for early termination.

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Call me attorney David Borsari today to discuss your expungement questions. I will explain the process you will need to go through and what the next steps will be. Call 714-606-2446 or email to schedule an appointment. Expungements are often the first step to a better future.