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As a Fullerton, California-based criminal defense attorney I, David S. Borsari, am committed to providing personal, accessible legal service.

I will handle every aspect of your case personally. You will never be passed off to an associate attorney or paralegal. I will work with you, by your side every step of the process, until your case is resolved.

If you have been charged with a DUI do not trust your fate to chance. Get the experienced, effective representation you need to protect your record, rates and reputation.

Handling Your Case With Tact And Discretion

As an attorney with over 20 years of criminal defense experience, I understand that being arrested and charged with a crime can be a very embarrassing and potentially damaging event. You have a right to privacy and to full protection of your rights.

For over two decades I have successfully defended the people of Orange County who have been charged with white collar crimes, drug crimes, sex crimes and juvenile crimes. Because there is no single defense for every legal issue, I custom tailor the strategy to your particular circumstance.


In Fullerton, California, attorney Borsari went to trial defending the manager of a local hotel against charges of RESISTING A POLICE OFFICER and ILLEGAL CONDUCT AT A BURNING BUILDING for behavior she allegedly demonstrated toward firefighters and police officers as they responded to fight a fire in her hotel. As the prosecution witnesses were cross examined the momentum of the trial was clearly with the defense. When a prosecution witness unexpectedly violated a court order by commenting on inadmissible evidence the judge granted Mr. Borsaris motion for a mistrial. Moments later the prosecutor agreed to dismiss both criminal charges rather than retry the case.

In Bakersfield, California, David Borsari represented a convicted felon charged with two counts of ROBBERY and one count of ATTEMPTED CARJACKING. After rejecting a multiple year state prison sentence offer, Mr. Borsari’s 5-day jury trial resulted in his client being found “not guilty” of all charges.

In Whittier, California, David Borsari represented a woman who became accused of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE against her husband during a time in her life where the custody their only child was being litigated in family court. Prior to trial Mr. Borsari, believing that any admission of wrongdoing would be detrimental to his client’s chances for child custody in family court, rejected the prosecutor’s offer to reduce the criminal charge to a mere civil infraction. The prosecutor dismissed all charges on the second day of jury trial.

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